The online tutoring is very wonderful and I like the one-on-one sessions.  I enjoy the selective reading technique and how we are taught to look for the key points when we are answering the questions.  Because I can see the passages I am working on right on the computer screen, I can clearly see errors I have made and can better understand how to answer the question.  I like how Anne-Marie elaborates on the corrections.  And I love the fact that I can stay and home while working with my tutor, and I never have to leave the comfort of my home.  And I can always call when I have a problem.  I truly enjoy the online tutoring as it is done with Anne-Marie and she helps to build the sutdent's confidence.
A. Green
Grenada, MS

I used A M Professional Tutoring for my granddaughter for biology, chemistry and algebra II.  The tutors are professional, punctual and dedicated.   I was very impressed with the follow ups, concern for the students and the interest in their progress.
L. Innuzzo
Pompano, FL

My 12 yr old son needed tutoring for the ISEE exam.  We had a little over 3 months to prepare for an exam that would test my son (who was only 1.5 months into 6th grade) on 7th grade math and vocabulary.

My initial inclination was to hire an in-home tutor, but I was soon put off by the expense.  I found A M Online Tutoring and Anne-Marie quickly responded to my inquiry scheduling a free demonstration.  Initially I was skeptical, but my son and I were hooked by the end of the demonstration.

A M Tutoring's online program is completely interactive.  Both the tutor and student view the same material online and each party can control a pencil and highlighter to show their work or highlight a concept.  My son especially enjoys the ease of wearing a headset while working with his tutor.  Another great benefit is that Anne-Marie can access an unending library of reference materials and test questions with a simple click of the mouse.

A M Professional Tutoring has been the perfect solution for our sizable challenge.  Scheduling the sessions has been flexible and easy, while the affordable price has provided my son with many more hours than would have been possible with an in-home tutor.

After six weeks, my son is mastering math concepts beyond his grade level and his test-taking skills are improving.  I highly recommend A M Professional Tutoring for all students in need of additional instruction.  I expect I will be returning to A M Professional Tutoring as my son moves through school, with my daughter a few years behind!
S. May
Melrose, MA

Hiring a consultant for something as important as your daughter's college is difficult.  There are so many consultants and there is no way to know who is good and who is not.

We were fortunate that we selected A M Professional Tutoring.  After we selected her, she came and did preliminary work with our daughter....

Not only was Anne-Marie very professional every step of the way, but she showed that she cared for our daughter and got her to do the best she could.  I plan to hire A M Professional Tutoring next year when we start the process again for my next child.
E. Barberena
Weston, FL

The online tutoring which the website provides for students is a wonderful thing.  I'm actually in my final year in school.  Ironically, I attend an online university and I thought [the online tutoring] provides as much or more attention than my instructors.  I would recommend this site for anyone who is committed to improving their education to enhance their life.
B. Granville
Brooklyn, NY

Yahoo!!! I did it!
Thank you to everyone who helped me... I could not have done it without you.
S. Brooks
Los Angeles, CA

A M Professional Tutoring is the perfect solution for all my educational needs.  I was stressed out and hopeless before contacting A M Professional Tutoring.  I am in my last semester in college.  I am pursuing my bachelors degree in Communications Studies and was CHALLENGED with a journalism class.  I have NEVER taken any journalism courses!  This is a required class for my major. Without it, I can't graduate! I was truly nervous and terrified about passing the class...

In my desperation, I started reseraching tutors online for assistance.  I came across A M Professional Tutoring and decided to give them a call... Prior to contacting A M Professional Tutoring, my grades were going in a downward spiral.... I am less than a month away from graduating and am currently averaging an "A" in my journalism class - amazing!!

I would personally like to thank Anne-Marie and A M Professional Tutoring for listening to my cries and pleas for help and for providing me with a top-notch tutor to get me through this class.  If anyone out there is in need of an A+ tutoring service, I beg you to please call A M Professional Tutoring - best decision I've ever made... I only wish I knew about this service when I was taking calculus.

T. R. Black [2010 Graduate]
Oxon Hill, MD

I can't thank you enough for the marathon of tutoring you did with me over just two days.  You were so much help and made things in math make sense and easy to understand.

I just thought I would let you know that I took my algebra Regents and I passed!

Once again, thank you ever so much!
R. Conklin
Washingtonville, NY

Everything went great! I love the tutoring!  I never thought about doing online tutoring, but his just works great for me.  This was a wonderful experience... I just want to share with you that we had a very nice learning experience.  I love the service! Thank you. 
L. Hawkins
Carlsbad, CA

Thanx so much for all your help! 800 on the math!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B. Dai
Hanover, NH

I know what you can do. Raquel... received a very nice scholarship, about 2/3 tuition. THANK YOU!
C. Ells
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Studying for a graduate-level standardized test can be extremely difficult and time-consuming if you're not the test-taking type.  Taking the DAT's for dental school is no exception, and I tried very hard to find a better way to study for this test the second time around.  Fortunately, I came across A M Tutoring, and I can say for a fact that my score not only improved to the place I needed it to be, but that I also understood the concepts far better now than I ever did in college.  The services were very flexible around my schedule, and, with a few minor adjustments and switches, I was given a very knowledgeable and understandable team of tutors to work with.

Although I highly recommend using this service, there are definitely guidelines to consider before signing up.  First of all, you MUST HAVE TIME TO STUDY, especially for graduate-level tests!!! I can't stress this enough.  There is a LOT of work to complete prior to your tutoring sessions, and I feel that it's much better to be over prepared than underprepared.  In the 2.5 months time frame that I had to study, I was working two jobs for about 30 hours per week, with 20 hours or less of study time.  For this kind of tutoring, I would recommend setting aside more time to study, possibly a whole year, and minimizing your work life as much as possible.

Second, expect to be pushed to your academic limits.  I had material that covered all of my subjects, but the key to learning and getting better scores is repetition... repetition... repetition.  Your tutors will challenge you mainly on the concepts, and any questions you have will be answered to the best of their ability, but it ultimately comes down to how much effort you want to put into this.

For the money I invested and the knowledge I've gained, I'd say this tutoring was well worth it.  Whatever test you study for, expect success with this service... but don't expect it to be easy.

D. Keiper
Whitehall, PA