Test Content

ACT:  Each reading section contains 4 passages. There are
           a total of 40 questions.  Each passage covers 1 of the
           following categories: prose fiction, humanities, social
           studies & natural sciences (
without graphics).

Time Limit: 35 mins or 52.5 secs/question

SAT:  Each reading section contains 5 passages.  There are a 
           total of 52 questions.  Each passage covers 1 of the
           of the following categories: US/World literature, social
(with graphics), science paired passagessocial 
           studies (US founding document/global conversation)
          & science (
 with graphics ).
          Time Limit: 65 mins or 75 secs/question

English / Language & Writing

ACT:  The 'English' section consists of 75 multiple choice 
            passage-based grammar questions (
without graphics).

        Time Limit: 45 mins or 36 secs/question
The 'Writing & Language' section consists of 35 
multiple choice passage-based  grammar questions
 with graphics ).

        Time Limit: 44 mins or 47.7 secs/question



ACT:  There is only 1 math section with a total of 60
            multiple choice questions. Use of calculators
            permitted for all questions in this section.  However,
NO formulas are provided.  

  Emphasis is on the knowledge & skills acquired in math 
  The topics tested are: arithmetic, algebra I
            & II, geometry & trigonometry

        Time Limit: 60 mins or 60 secs/question

SAT:  There are 2 math sections with a total of 58
            questions.  One section consists of 15 multiple choice
            & 5
'free response' questions.  The other section
            consists of 30 multiple choice & 8 
'free response'
            questions.  Use of calculators is permitted on the
        2nd math section ONLY
.  Basic formulas are provided
            for both math sections.

Emphasis is on conceptual understanding.  The topics 
            tested are: arithmetic, algebra I & II, geometry &

           Time Limit: 80 mins or 84.2 secs/question


This section constists of 7 passages with a total of 40
            mutliple choice questions.
           The ACT science section is meant to test a student's
           reading & reasoning /data analysis skills based upon a
           set of data or conflicting viewpoints provided in the
           passages.  (
All the information required to correctly
       answer the questions in this section can be found 
       in the passages & the data provided for each 

           Time Limit: 35 mins or 52.5 secs/question

SAT:  There is NO separate science-based section on the
            "new" SAT.  However, the "new" SAT score report
            will include a "
Science Insight" score.

            Time Limit: Not Applicable

Optional Essay

This section contains a short essay prompt with 3
           perspectives.  The test-taker is asked to write an
evaluating & analyzing the 3 perspectives.

           Time Limit: 40 mins

SAT:  The "new" SAT essay section contains a passage.  The 
            test-taker is asked to write an essay
 analyzing the      
argument presented in the passage.

            Time Limit: 50 mins

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