“New” SAT vs ACT
Which Test Should I Take?

Both exams have & continue to test essentially the same knowledge & skills. This is why all U.S. colleges treat both tests equally & accept the scores from either exam for admission. This is also why, in most cases, a student’s overall results tend to be similar on both exams.  That being said, it is worth noting that, until recently, the style & structure of these two college entrance exams was different.  But with the introduction of the “re-designed" or “new” SAT, the stylistic & structural differences between these two tests have become less apparent.  So which test should you take?

We recommend taking an official SAT and ACT practice test before deciding which test to focus on.  If administered properly, the results of these practice tests should give you a fairly accurate "baseline "score for each exam.

If your scores are considerably better on one of these 2 tests, then it's best to focus on the exam you scored better on.

If, on the other hand, your overall results were similar on both exams, then you should compare the structure/format  & the content of each test & consider the differences between these 2 exams to determine whether you are best suited for the SAT or the ACT.

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