Test Structure & Format


ACT:  3 hrs 40 mins (optional essay is 40 mins)

SAT:  3 hrs 50 mins (optional essay is 50 mins)


ACT:    4 sections (English, Math, Reading, Science &
             an Optional Essay)

SAT:   4 sections (Reading, Writing & Language,
2 Math
             sections & an
Optional Essay)

Wrong Answer Penalty

ACT:    No penalty for wrong answers

SAT:    No penalty for wrong answers


ACT:    The exam is out of 36 pts. 
The test-taker's
composite" score is calculated by adding the scores
            from each section (36 pts/ea) & dividing by 4. If the 

            optional essay is chosen, test-takers will be given a
English Language Arts or "ELA" s
           The "ELA" score is  calculated by adding the scores of 
           The Writing, Reading & Essay sections & dividing by 4. 

SAT:  The exam is out of 1600 pts.  The test-taker's score is
            calculated by adding the scores from the 2 verbal
            sections (total 800 pts) & the scores from the 2 math
            sections (total 800 pts).  If the
optional essay is
            chosen, test takers will be  given a separate 

           "only" score. The "essay only" score is not combined
            with the Reading + Language & Arts score.


Super Scoring

ACT:    Many collleges do 
not super score ACT test results.
Colleges take the "composite" score from the test
              date(s) the test-taker submits.

SAT:    Most colleges do super score SAT test results. 
Colleges combine the best score from each section
             of each test date submitted. 

Scores Sent to Colleges

ACT:    The
test-taker decides which test date score(s) to 
             submit to colleges.

SAT:   The
College Board sends the scores from all the tests
             taken unless the test-taker selects "
Score Choice". 
(If the test-taker selects "Score Choice" only the
            scores  from the test date(s) selected will be sent to
           colleges.  However, an "
SC" will appear on the test-
           taker's SAT score report so colleges will know that

           "Score Choice" was selected. (Please note that some
           colleges do 
not accept "Score Choice").


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