A M Professional Tutoring

In Pursuit of Academic Excellence

A M Professional Tutoring Services offers programs designed to teach students the skills that are necessary to succeed at a higher level of learning. 

Our standardized test preparation programs are unparalleled (particularly our private school and college admissions prep courses  FCAT, SAT & ACT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, DAT & LSAT). 

We provide live one-on-one online tutoring in all academic disciplines, as well as in-person instruction for all our SAT & ACT prep courses. 

Our tutors are all U.S. based, experienced, degreed professionals and / or state certified instructors.  The programs we offer are designed to suit each individual's own goals and needs.  We take great pride in our use of an interactive and balanced approach to learning.

The technical platform we utilize enables us to offer live one-on-one online lessons so that each student can get the learning instruction they need in an environment that is both safe and secure... the comfort of your own home!  No more commutes to and from a tutoring center!


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